CAA Chief Praises ‘Progressive’ Safety Body

The Corporate Aviation Safety Executive (CASE) is “one of the best things happening in aviation safety”, according to the chief executive of the CAA, Andrew Haines. Speaking at a CASE conference, Haines praised the organisation for its progressive, collaborative approach which has seen it develop a free online platform to allow its members to share safety information. Haines went on to criticise what he described as “tombstone regulation”, where authorities “wait for the worst to happen before learning lessons”. “That's not the way we should be doing safety promotion in this country,” he said. “CASE’s efforts encouraging collaborative working and data sharing are strongly supported by the CAA, because the more evidence we can gather, the easier it becomes for us to support the right outcome.” CASE was formed in 2009 by safety managers and has 40 corporate operators as members, which are responsible for 300 aircraft.

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