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Canada Jetlines Illuminates Ultra-Low Cost Maintenance Preparation

The fledgling carrier has revealed some of its aftermarket choices.

Outsourcing is a key part of the business model of most low-cost carriers, while the pressure to focus solely on the core operation of flying is even more intense for the new breed of ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCCs).

Canada Jetlines is a ULCC that has plans to start flights by the summer with a pair of leased Airbus A320 aircraft, for which it has begun detailing its aftermarket choices.

Flightcraft Maintenance Services (FMS) in Winnipeg is to reconfigure the aircraft, installing 180 ACRO Series 3 Superlight ST+ seats, new carpets and converting the cargo holds to bulk load configuration.

Whether FMS is retained for further maintenance and reconfiguration work may depend on Canada Jetlines’ expansion course.

Having ordered five Boeing 737 Max 7 aircraft, the airline reportedly cancelled its order with Boeing later in 2018. Around the same time the airline received a $15 million investment from SmartLynx Airlines, which will wet lease A320s to the Canadian carrier in the winter seasons.

FMS is authorized to perform maintenance on most Boeing and Airbus models, including the A320, but from its website, it does not appear to have a 737 Max certification.

Among the risks that Canada Jetlines’ cautionary notes are those “related to disputes under the agreement with Boeing to acquire 737 Max aircraft."

Canada Jetlines has also chosen TRAX maintenance software to manage its aircraft and engine support activities, with the incoming A320s sporting IAE V2500 engines.

Software from SysAIO will manage its flight operations, with the airline citing the software’s ability to offer customized solutions for smaller operators as a key attraction.

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