Carriers Eye Electronic Tech Logs

Despite growing airline interest, decisions on ETL's have yet to be made at most carriers.

Electronic Tech Logs (ETLs) have significant advantages for seamless operational and maintenance communications. But deploying ETLs is a major effort, and most airlines have not made the commitment yet.

For example, Southwest Airlines has not installed ETLs on its pilots’ iPad flight bags yet. “Of course, our ultimate goal would be to install ELT software on EFBs that integrate into our maintenance system,” a spokesman says. “However, no provider has been selected yet, and we continue to define requirements for a solution.  We don’t currently have an implementation timeline to share.”

Across the Atlantic, Austrian Airlines is in a similar position. Captain Philipp Haller is an A320 captain who managed the introduction of the Surface 3 Tablet EFBs into the cockpit. Haller now is EFB administrator responsible for services on these devices. Haller says no ETLs have been deployed yet, but “we’ll soon be looking into the details of this topic.”

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