Cypriot Carrier Opts For Commsoft MRO IT Platform.jpg Tus Air

Cypriot Carrier Opts For Commsoft MRO IT Platform

Tus Air, which started operating in 2016, will roll out OASES software.

Tus Air has selected Commsoft’s Oases MRO IT system to be rolled out across its operation.

The airline, founded in Cyprus in 2016, has opted for core, airworthiness and planning modules initially.

It also has an option in place to add materials and line maintenance control modules at a later, undetermined date.

The software, according to Commsoft, can either be installed on-site through a local server or accessed through a private cloud hosting service.

The airline has commenced operation and operates an all-Fokker aircraft fleet consisting of two 100s and two 70s which are due to enter its fleet in the next few months.

UK-based Commsoft’s latest announcement follows shortly after a British charter carrier Titan Airways also opted to use OASES across its operation.

Nick Godwin, managing director of Commsoft, said the company will support the airline as the Fokker 70s go into operation.

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