DOT Rejects CAL And Fly Jamaica's Seventh-Freedom Request

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has denied a request by Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) and Fly Jamaica Airlines to offer direct flights from Georgetown (Guyana) to New York City. In mid-July, CAL and Fly Jamaica Airways applied for seventh-freedom passenger flights between Georgetown, Guyana New York, JFK. The DOT judged that the bilateral was not in the public's interest and that there was no "truly demonstrable need". The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) – which together with Airlines for America (A4A) opposed the application – also highlighted a "considerable fuel subsidy received by Caribbean Airlines from oil-rich Trinidad and Tobago". "Relevant Open Skies agreements are premised on the ability of US carriers to have a 'fair and equal opportunity' to compete, and the proposed seventh-freedom operations would clearly impede the ability of US carriers to compete," ALPA's president, Lee Moak, explained.

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