Dreamliner Problems Continue

Boeing’s 787 programme struck yet more problems when a United Airlines Dreamliner was forced to make an emergency landing due to a problem with its brake indicator. The fault occurred during domestic flight 94 from Houston to Denver on Saturday (June 22, 2013). The aircraft was forced to return to its base shortly after take-off. It landed safely but the flight was then cancelled. Boeing has sent a representative to check the aircraft, which is also being looked at by the airline’s own mechanics. It is United’s second 787 to face problems in as many weeks. Last week, one of its 787s was forced to land in Seattle on a flight from Tokyo to Denver due to an issue with its oil filter. In June, Japan Airlines reported a fault with the anti-icing system on one of its 787s. This follows the grounding of the entire fleet of 787s due to issues with its batteries, which caused overheating.

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