EasyJet calls for cuts to airport charges

Tighter regulation on the charges imposed on passengers by European airports could save travellers €1.5bn ($1.1bn) and generate €37bn ($41.6bn) in GDP for the region, according to easyJet.

In a report published yesterday (February 26), the low-cost carrier argues that there is “no effective control of charges and services at many monopoly airports …with consumers paying more than they should”.

EasyJet calls for changes to the Airport Charges Directive, arguing in favour of forcing airports to adopt the “single till” approach to setting charges– where aeronautical and commercial revenues are both taken into account – and the removal of discounts for transfer passengers.

It also concludes that airports could cut charges if they were more efficient and argues that regulators should impose operational efficiency targets, such as those imposed on London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

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