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Emirates Cautious About Drones, But Moving Fast On Mobility

The Dubai-based airline is testing tech logs in-house.

Drones, mobility and tech logs continue to be on the cutting edge of innovation for advanced airline maintenance departments.

For instance, Emirates is interested in using drones for inspections but is still cautious about the technology. “We have conducted some trials in this area, but we are not at a point where it can be implemented effectively or at scale,” explains Mohammed Jaffar Nasser, senior vice president for engineering maintenance.

The drones tested were fully automated drones, but the Emirates exec cannot share more information about them at this time. One of the considerations Emirates is still working through is how the drone inspection data would be integrated with other applications in its maintenance and engineering system.

In contrast, the Persian Gulf carrier is actively pursuing mobile solutions for its maintenance workers. Already all assignments of work to line maintenance mechanics is done via mobile solutions.

“We are pursuing digital work cards certified with digital signatures, and this project is in progress,” Nasser says. These digital cards are provided by an off-the-shelf solution that an outside vendor is upgrading. Once that is done, the airline will deploy the solution.

Emirates has already deployed electronic flight bags with its pilots. It is now developing an in-house electronic technical log and is about to start in-flight trials of this ETL.

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