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Fast 5: Developments At Thai Airways Technical

Surachai Piencharoensak, Thai Airways’s executive vice president, technical department, speaks about 787s, digitalization needs and RFPs.

How much of Thai Airways MRO work is outsourced, and what service does Thai Airways provide for international customers?

All airframe maintenance and General Electric CF6-80C2 maintenance are done inhouse by Thai Airways. We also provide airframe heavy maintenance and CF6-80C2 maintenance for international customers. Items such as landing gear, APUs and thrust reversers are outsourced to companies like Honeywell and Revima.

How is Thai Airways maintenance and engineering department digitizing its operations?

Thai’s maintenance & engineering department uses SAP for its maintenance system. We are now seeking new tools for engineering documents and job cards to reduce work load and also reduce auditor findings. 

Are the Boeing 787 engine issues fixed?

No, the aircraft is still AOG and we are still awaiting spare Trent 1000 engine replacements for the affected aircraft.

A number of Thai Airways aircraft are aging. How is Thai Airways managing the reliability of these older aircraft?

Our fleet of 10 Boeing 747-400  is aging. We have applied the aging aircraft maintenance program recommended by Boeing, and our engineering department is also closely monitoring the reliability of these older fleet, especially with regards to the aircraft structure. However, Thai has plans to phase-out these aircraft in the near future.

What is the status of Thai’s U-Tapao/Airbus MRO facility?

It remains on schedule to open in 2023, and we have issued request for proposals for improvements. Our high quality and safety performance will not change, focusing on the principle of “less time in the hangar and more time in the sky.”

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