Fast 5: JetBlue Embracing Change

A keynote speaker at Aviation Week's MRO Americas on Apr. 26, Jeff Martin, EVP Operations at U.S. carrier JetBlue, discusses how the carrier has embraced change and why new technologies will play a crucial role in the industry's future.

What do you consider to be the most pressing issues facing the Aviation Industry today?

I believe that managing the National Airspace System (NAS) as increased demands are placed on our current system is a core issue. The NAS is a valuable national asset and it must be optimized for all users. We see NextGen technologies as one of the solutions to this issue. NextGen technologies are incredibly important to us as 70% of our flights operate out of heavily congested airports.

How does JetBlue embrace change, and ensure it¹s sustainable?

We take change and growth into consideration, because I think as any growth airline, you want to be able to only consume the amount of growth that allows us to keep in check what¹s important to us. Our culture is important to us, our crewmembers are important to us, and our customers are important to us. If at any point, change or growth is going to affect those three, we¹ll step back and adjust. JetBlue¹s five values are so simple -  we live by them and they work. You can apply them to the needs of the airline and the needs of our crewmembers.

What project are you most excited about right now?

Our Airbus 320 interior restyling program - which is our first full refresh of the Airbus cabin interiors since JetBlue was founded. It gives us the opportunity to provide new and expanded offerings to our Customers and install NextGen technologies simultaneously.

 What advice would you give to the next generation of airline/MRO professionals?

Always remember why you joined the aviation industry and remain passionate and engaged in the future of your profession.

In an alternate universe, what other career would you have?

An America¹s Cup Skipper because I love sailing, the ocean, really all things nautical!


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