Fighting In Tripoli Damages Libyan Fleet

Libyan Airlines has been forced to scale back its services after its fleet was damaged during fighting at Tripoli Airport.

According to the country’s civil aviation authority, Libyan Airlines and fellow state-owned airline Afriqiyah Airways sustained $2bn-worth of damage to aircraft. Among the aircraft totally destroyed were an A330 and a CRJ.

Rival factions have been battling in Libya since the 2011 uprising, and last week saw fierce fighting centre on the capital’s airport where a combination of missiles, rockets and tanks were alleged to have been used.

Both airlines still have a handful of aircraft at airports in Misrata (in north west Libya), the eastern port city of Tobruk and Al Abraq, and are thought to be conducting small-scale operations to fly out passengers stranded during the conflict.

Several of the damaged aircraft are to be repaired in Libya, however, some of the maintenance agreements require that the aircraft be sent to Tunisia, France or Germany.

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