Fly540 Revokes Licence From FastJet

Five Forty Aviation, parent of the airline Fly540, has withdrawn FastJet’s licences to operate flights in Angola, Ghana and Tanzania under the Fly540 brand. It said in a statement: “This is due to the failure on the part of FastJet’s Africa operations to comply with the respective licence agreements.” It has claimed outstanding licence payments and other fees of $6.9m, $0.5m and $0.3m for Fly540 Tanzania, Fly540 Angola and Fly540 Ghana respectively. It also said the carrier had failed to disclose financial, safety and quality systems information. According to The Telegraph, Canada’s Avmax Aircraft Leasing has threatened to repossess three aircraft operated by FastJet in Tanzania. Avmax claims that FastJet has failed to pay rental and maintenance of the aircraft, which had been flown under the Fly540 brand.

TAGS: Africa
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