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Flydubai Stays Lean As Fleet, Network Grow

The low-cost carrier says it is counting on its Dubai hub to attract new mechanics.

Flying 62 aircraft now, flydubai is a government-owned low-cost carrier. It might have the scale to do more maintenance in-house, but the Dubai-based LCC seems determined to stay lean, keep costs low and grow. The engineering and maintenance departments employ more than 200 staff, all of whom are based in Dubai and provide continuing airworthiness management and repair support to the flydubai fleet.

“Flydubai uses a combination of its own staff and a variety of MROs for both line and base maintenance,” summarizes Mick Hills, senior vice president engineering & maintenance. Its purpose-built facility at Dubai International houses the line maintenance and materials departments as well as workshops and training facilities. In December 2018 the carrier renewed an agreement with Joramco, extending a partnership that began in 2013.

With the growth of its fleet and expanding network, one of flydubai’s biggest challenges is recruiting suitably qualified and experienced staff. But Hills believes that his growing fleet and a hub in Dubai International make his airline a very attractive employer. “Dubai is a global center for aviation and represents an ideal opportunity professionally and personally.”     

Moreover, flydubai is a good place for new mechanics to learn modern maintenance methods. It has several proactive preventive maintenance initiatives in place and optimizes maintenance intervals.

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