GOL Plans To Offer Third-Party Maintenance Services Starting 2020

The low-cost Brazilian airline is changing its maintenance operation to prepare for external customers.

CANCUN—GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes is in the process of setting up its maintenance division as GOL MRO to start offering its services to external customers. Its first offering to third-parties will be Boeing 737 maintenance starting in 2020, said Carlos Alberto Costa, GOL MRO’s maintenance director, who spoke at Aviation Week’s MRO Latin America event on Jan. 16.

He estimates that 100,000 man-hours will be available initially at its facility that can hold up to six narrowbodies, including one in for paint, in Confins, Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil.

As part of the process of transforming the airline’s maintenance division to an MRO business, the airline is closely looking at its operation to make the necessary changes to facilitate third-party work. Part of that involves inputting GOL aircraft as if they were from outside customers. Costa said GOL MRO is now working on its third aircraft in that manner and hopes to have all of the processes, procedures and people requirements in place by mid-2019.

Costa says GOL MRO plans to start adding other aircraft model capabilities for third-party MRO in 2021, followed potentially by widebody heavy checks in 2022.

In addition, the operation is seeking partners to help it expand its component capabilities—preferably components that could have high volumes of repairs and would not require sizeable investments, such as those needed for landing gear or auxiliary power units, for example.

When asked if GOL MRO could be spun off into a separate entity, Costa said that could be a possibility but that’s “not decided.”

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