JetBlue Goes Mobile On The Line

The U.S. carrier is planning to implement further software enhancements and upgraded hardware early next year.

JetBlue Airways has always been famous for liking advanced technology, and its adoption of mobile maintenance software is consistent with that preference. JetBlue decided to go mobile to simplify processes, remove unnecessary steps and aid productivity of mechanics.

“We wanted to provide our frontline teams with up-to date information and the tools to do their jobs efficiently,” one manager says. “The key benefit expected is a reduction in delays or cancellations due to maintenance needs.”

The carrier used a phased implementation of mobile apps on its mechanics’ iPads during 2018. In early 2019, JetBlue plan on completing the implementation with further software enhancements and upgraded hardware.

In line with its goal of helping frontline mechanics, JetBlue is going mobile with line-maintenance activities, including creating defect reports, deferrals, troubleshooting and part-number transactions. All these functions will be available on mobile apps. The airline is using Apple iPads to get these apps from TRAX’s e-Mobility suite, which includes the modules AeroDox, QuickTurn and Task Control.

At present, all OEM manuals can be accessed on mobile devices, including the aircraft maintenance manual and the troubleshooting manual. Using e-signatures is planned for a later phase of the project.

The JetBlue manager says the advantages of going mobile far outweigh such challenges as change management, ensuring regulatory requirements are met and training mechanics. However, “It was important to work closely with the IT and facilities teams during this process to make sure the infrastructure like robust Wi-Fi availability was available so efficiencies could be realized everywhere the maintenance teams are using their devices.”

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