MH370 Satellite Link Deliberately Cut?

Flight MH370 may have had its power deliberately cut off to avoid satellite detection, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. A new investigation by the agency has found evidence that the 777’s data unit had tried to log-on to a satellite in a type of communication called a “handshake”. Investigators, who say the handshake was made one and a half hours into the flight, explained that a mid-flight log-on request is unusual and can only be caused by three things: a power interruption to the satellite data unit; a loss of critical software systems providing input to the SDU; or a loss of the link due to altitude. An analysis determined that a power interruption to the SDU was the most likely cause in the MH370’s case. The report also suggests the passengers and crew died of suffocation and that the aircraft was set to autopilot some hours before it crashed. Investigators now believe that the aircraft was deliberately diverted off route and Malaysian police have its pilot, Zaharie Shah, as prime suspect. Police have found wiped files on Shah’s home flight simulator showing that he had practiced landing in a number of small airfields in the Indian Ocean.

TAGS: Asia Pacific
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