Over 100 Russian Officials And Industry Leaders Barred From Farnborough

Over a hundred Russian officials and industry leaders have been barred from the Farnborough due to Russia's actions in Ukraine. The UK's Foreign Office has refused visas for Russian government officials and others wishing to attend the industry air show, meaning they are effectively banned from attending. The UK government has said that it played no part in the decision to block Russians, noting that it is a privately run event. However, Farnborough has said that it has "done everything" to help all those attending gain visas. Delegates from some 67 Russian companies planned to join the event, most of which have been able to attend. Indeed, 75 per cent of the 400 Russian attendees who planned to attend have been allowed into the show. However, some have urged those attending to now leave in protest. It is thought the block affects only government officials and industry leaders at both civil and military aerospace manufacturers.

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