Republic Orders Up To 94 E-Jets

Republic Airways has announced a $4bn deal for up to 94 E-175 jets. The US carrier will purchase 47 of the aircraft and has taken options for a further 47, which together are worth $4bn at list prices. First delivery is due in mid-2013. Republic will be the first to receive the enhanced E-175, which is being updated to include wingtips, systems optimisation and better aerodynamics that will lower fuel burn by up to five per cent. The new aircraft will be operated by Republic Airlines, a subsidiary of Republic, under the American Eagle brand in the American Airlines’ regional network. “Establishing a large regional jet fleet has long been part of our business plan,” said Chuck Schubert, American’s VP of network planning. “We will offer more flights at the right intervals throughout the day in key markets while providing more opportunities for customers to travel in the first class cabin to key business markets.”

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