Revima, Malaysia Airlines Enter Landing Gear Contract

Repair specialist will undertake work on the carrier’s Airbus A330 landing gears.

Malaysia Airlines Berhad has entered into a maintenance agreement with Revima for the support of its Airbus A330 landing gears.

The contract will run from 2019 to 2024 and will see Revima, which also offers APU and engine part services, provide support for 19 of Malaysia's A330 aircraft fleet.

The overhauls will be carried out at Revima’s main facility located in Normandy, France while also providing engineering and on-site support to the carrier. The addition of Malaysia Airlines as a customer continues Revima’s expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. The company intends to open a new landing gear facility in Bangkok, Thailand by late 2019.

Malaysia has been undergoing transformation strategies across its maintenance division since 2014 as it looks to rejuvenate its MRO business following two well-publicized aircraft losses and periods of financial instability.

Initiatives have included bringing Airbus A380 C-checks inhouse, reducing its aircraft hangars from six to two facilities and utilizing big data for operational purposes. Eventually, the airline will consider returning to third-party work.

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