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Russia Suspends Yakutia Airlines’ International Flights

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency suspends Yakutia Airlines' international flight after inspection findings.

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency said it has suspended Yakutia Airlines’ international flights starting Nov. 5, until the Yakutsk-based carrier corrects flaws that were uncovered during inspections.

The agency found the airline provided “inaccurate information on the implementation of airworthiness directives on the Boeing 737-800.” The agency further said: “Airworthiness problems led to frequent and long departure delays on domestic and international flights. In September, the delays reached 20% [of flights actually departing].”

A Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) overshot a runway at Russia’s Yakutsk Airport on Oct. 10. Investigators found that ice on the runway contributed to the overrun. In addition, the thrust reverser on the No. 2 engine had been deactivated.

The agency also said it had to correct the airline’s charter programs during the year, decreasing the number of flights. The authority noted it did not even discuss the airline’s charter program for November.

Yakutia on Oct. 30 said it had asked the authority to provide the additional information about the restrictions. Two days earlier, the carrier announced it will fly to Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Harbin, China; Tokyo and Prague this winter. The agency said Yakutia had sold approximately 450 tickets for November and December for international scheduled flights and now will have to provide refunds.

In the middle of October the airline named Vladimir Gorbunov as its new general director.

Yakutia’s fleet includes five 737-800s, six Antonov An-24s, three Bombardier Q300s and four SSJ100. It carried 679,905 passengers this year through Sept. 30, down 2% year-over-year.

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