Ryanair Settles With Daily Mail Over Safety Claim

Ryanair has reached an out-of-court libel settlement with the Daily Mail. The airline sued the newspaper over an article that reported concerns over the safety of the airline's fuel usage. The article followed Channel 4's Dispatches documentary, ‘Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit’ in which John Goss, a former Ryanair pilot, claimed the airline's fuel programme was unsafe. The carrier is also seeking legal action against Channel 4, the Independent, Irish Independent and John Goss. In a statement, Ryanair's lawyer said it would "vigorously pursue Channel 4" for broadcast which "sought to undermine our client's internationally acknowledged safety record spanning three decades”. It added: "Ryanair does not accept the results of the survey conducted by the interim council of this group [the Ryanair Pilot Group, whose survey suggested safety concerns], whose chairman is a KLM pilot, or that the group represents the views of the majority of Ryanair's pilots."

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