S7 Technics Paints 17 Of Parent Airline’s Aircraft.jpg S7 Technics

S7 Technics Paints 17 Of Parent Airline’s Aircraft

The maintenance and engineering division of Russian Carrier S7 Airlines aims to complete the livery work by next month.

S7 Technics, the MRO unit of S7 Airlines, has embarked on a program to repaint the liveries of 17 Airbus and Boeing narrowbody aircraft operated by its parent company.

Work covering Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft began in late 2017 at its painting shop in Mineralnye Vody located in Southern Russia, with the first batch of aircraft delivered shortly after.

By the end of last month, S7 Technics said it had redelivered 11 of the aircraft to S7 Airlines, which along with the narrowbodies, also plans to add the A320neo and the 737 MAX to its fleet in the coming years.

With the project well under way, S7 Technics said it is targeting an April 2018 completion date.

One of the technical challenges of the project is the use of a new enamel on the S7 aircraft that the MRO said wasn’t used on the previous livery.

“This material is more demanding in terms of the quality of its application and the painting team’s qualification,” said Danil Naumenko, deputy director of S7 Technics’ Mineralnye Vody facility. “It also takes more time to dry between applying different layers.”

However, Naumenko believes the advantages of the MICA effect enamel include the livery retaining its features for up to seven to eight years, longer than the previous five to six years typical of the enamel or the basecoat clearcoat system found on older liveries.

S7 Technics is one of two MRO subsidiaries under the airline group’s ownership. Along with the another maintenance provider, S7 Engineering, both companies service aircraft in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Mineralnyye Vody (MRV), as well as operating line stations across Russ

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