Search Expands For Flight 370

Terrorism has been all but ruled out as the cause of the disappearance of Malaysia Airline’s flight 370, the international police agency Interpol has said. Suspicions of terrorism were dispelled when it was disclosed that the two passengers travelling on stolen passports had no links with terrorists groups and were likely to have been seeking asylum. The two men, both Iranians, reportedly boarded a flight in Doha, Qatar, using Iranian passports. They flew to Kuala Lumpur where they received the stolen passports of Christian Kozel and Luigi Maraldi of Austria and Italy, respectively. At least one of the men is thought to have been travelling to Germany where he was due to meet his mother. The search for the aircraft expanded to cover the Straits of Malacca yesterday (March 12) following a report by Malaysia's Berita Harian newspaper that the Malaysian military had tracked the aircraft for an hour after it vanished from civilian radar. It said that the military located the 777 several hundred miles to the west of its planned flight path to Beijing. However, the military has since denied the report.

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