Speculation Rife Over Job Cuts At Monarch

Monarch Airlines is set to shed 1,000 jobs, around 30 per cent of its workforce, in making the transition to low-cost carrier, according to reports from the BBC, The Times and the FT. While refusing to comment on redundancies, Monarch confirmed that the whole group was undergoing a strategic review covering “all areas of the business from operations to ownership and financing”. Next summer the carrier will cease all charter services, which currently account for 15 per cent of its flights, and in April it will stop flying from East Midlands Airport in the UK. Andrew Swaffield, who took over as chief executive of Monarch Group in July, said: “Monarch’s success depends upon us delivering the best possible operation and quality of service for our customers – and at sustainable levels of profitability. It is for these reasons that we are taking important decisions to reshape our base network and flying schedule.”

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