edelweissa340-300-tismeyer.jpg Tis Mayer

SR Technics To Upgrade Cabins On Four Edelweiss A340s

Swiss companies build on previous cabin cooperation on A320s.

SR Technics has signed a contract to provide cabin upgrades on four A340-300s operated by Swiss leisure carrier Edelweiss Air.

All modification work will take place in the MRO’s center of excellence for cabin modifications in Zurich over the next two years.

The first of the Airbus aircraft arrived at the center in October 2016 and underwent a comprehensive interior redesign which included the installation of new seats, galleys and modified lavatories.

It also included the installation of an LED mood light system and Panasonic’s eXLite inflight entertainment offering. SR Technics has previously completed similar work on six A320s for Edelweiss.

Lorenz Thöni, CTO at Edelweiss, said the airline was justified in continuing its partnership with SR Technics.

“The first A340 modification was the biggest project that Edelweiss has carried out to date, and SR Technics has proved yet again that they are the right partner for this kind of project,” said Thöni.

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