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ST Engineering Aerospace Adds Parts To Japan Airlines Support

Japan Airlines outsources Boeing 737-800 component support.

FARNBOROUGH--Japan Airlines extended the maintenance work that it contracts to ST Engineering Aerospace by signing a Boeing 737-800 component services agreement.

Under the terms of its Maintenance-By-The-Hour (MBH) program, the Singapore-based aftermarket specialist will provide component repairs for the narrowbodies, which should bring benefits including better maintenance cost optimization and cost control, says Atsushi Maeda, executive procurement officer of Japan Airlines.

ST Engineering Aerospace says the agreement covers a “wide range” of parts across ATA chapters 21 to 78. A company spokesperson told Aviation Week that the component maintenance work will be carried out across various locations: “The repairs will be performed largely through our network of repair partners in Singapore and overseas which include not only our own facilities, but also that of OEMs and OEM-approved repair facilities,” they said.

ST Engineering Aerospace, which has provided a variety of airframe and components services for Japan Airlines aircraft since the 1990s, says more than 600 aircraft are tied to MBH contracts spread across operators in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. 

In Asia-Pacific, where ST Engineering Aerospace says it has more than 10 aircraft operators under MBH agreements, component repairs are anticipated to comprise the biggest share of MRO spend on the 737-800 aircraft over the next 10 years. 

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