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STG Plots Further Growth After South American Contract

Bolivian airline Boliviana de Aviación became first regional customer for its saf-Taglo blu lighting solution.

The CEO of aircraft cabin light specialist STG Aerospace says the company will look for further growth in the Americas region after winning its first customer for its saf-Taglo blu offering.

STG confirmed a contract with Boliviana de Aviación for two of Boeing 737-300 and one 737-700 aircraft.

“Having a prominent airline endorsing the product can open us up to other carriers,” Nigel Duncan, STG’s CEO told at MRO Europe in London. “There is a tendency that once a mainstream lighting application gets adopted then there becomes adoption on a wider scale.”

Duncan says developing the saf-Taglo lighting in blue was a recent move, with STG previously marketing it in the color green, due to the changing mentality of carriers.

“Airlines are very brand conscious now and some of them don’t have a preference for a green glow,” he says.

Looking to 2018, Duncan says the theme for the year will be focused around what he describes as “the totality” of lighting – where airline customers acquire all forms of lighting on an aircraft through one supplier.

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