Swift Air Secures Financing To Exit Bankruptcy

Phoenix, US-based carrier Swift Air has secured $1.4m in funding from Nimbos, allowing it to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The carrier, which filed for bankruptcy in June 2012, has been under a 13-month reorganisation period. President of Nimbos, Ken Woolley, said: “We recognise the potential of Swift Air.  We have identified several markets broadly underserved and we believe Swift can grow in these areas.” He added: "The focus of the company going forward will be to maximise our relationship with each of our customers, broaden our scope of business with diversification into a broader base of business, while still delivering the high end, custom crafted delivery Swift Air has provided for sixteen years.” Swift Air says it will “renew its commitment” to its sports charter operations ready for the US national hockey and basketball seasons.

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