SWISS Looks For Reliability Gains First From Flightlink.jpg Bombardier

SWISS Looks For Reliability Gains First From Flightlink

Airline utilizing Bombardier's analytic service for C Series aircraft.

Bombardier’s Flightlink analytic service for the C Series is already supporting SWISS International Air Lines and airBaltic and will support Delta Air Lines when the U.S. major starts to deploy the first of its 75 C Series jets in the spring of 2018.

Flightlink offers a portfolio of health monitoring services, including: real time monitoring, data management, basic data analytics, enhanced data analytics and flight operations data analytics.

Operators may choose any level or levels of these services according to their own needs and capabilities and priorities. And this choice can change over time, as the fleet grows larger.

For example, SWISS has nine C Series aircraft in service now and 21 more on order. SWISS is also part of the Lufthansa Group, with sister companies that have powerful capabilities in maintenance and maintenance software.

Today the airline is using Flightlink’s flight data analytics, an event measurement system, to help do predictive maintenance.

A SWISS spokesperson says the carrier expects the biggest benefit in the short term will be an increase in reliability. “In the future, a reduction of maintenance costs may also be possible.”

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