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Turkmenistan Airlines Works to Regain EASA Approval

The airline's safety authorization was suspended by the European regulator earlier this month.

Central Asian carrier Turkmenistan Airlines has brought in Lufthansa Consulting to advise on safety improvements, after EASA suspended the airline’s safety authorization.

Turkmenistan Airlines previously had EASA third-country operator (TCO) authorization, allowing it to serve destinations in the EU, but this permission was withdrawn by EASA on Feb. 4, forcing the carrier to halt European flights with its own fleet.

On Feb. 15, Lufthansa Consulting said it was working with Turkmenistan Airlines to help it meet EASA standards.

“The airline recently experienced difficulties in satisfying relevant EASA requirements and is taking matters in this regard very seriously. The operator is aware of the need for immediate action and has therefore decided to cooperate with the German aviation experts to review the existing situation and develop a corrective action plan,” Lufthansa Consulting said.

The firm will evaluate Turkmenistan Airlines’ current status, in terms of EASA compliance, and develop a plan to address any shortcomings.

Turkmenistan Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 737s, 757s and 777s. In addition to London and Birmingham, the airline serves Frankfurt and Paris in the EU, and Moscow, St Petersburg, Ankara, Istanbul, Dubai and Yerevan. It provides onward connections from Ashgabat to Amritsar and Delhi in India, Bangkok, Thailand and Beijing, China.

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