Rockwell Collins To Upgrade UPS' Boeing 757s, 767s.jpg Rockwell Collins

UPS Confirmed As Rockwell Collins, L2 Upgrade Customer

A total of 134 aircraft comprised of Boeing 757s and 767s will undergo upgrade work.

Rockwell Collins has contracted avionics integration and installation specialist L2 Consulting Services, Inc. to upgrade 75 Boeing 757s and 59 767s with the Rockwell Collins Large Display System avionics suite.

UPS Airlines has confirmed to that it operates all the aircraft to be upgraded. The 75 757s and 59 767s represent UPS Airlines’ entire current fleets of Boeing 757-200PF and Boeing 767-300F freighters, all of which it ordered new from Boeing.

Louisville, Kentucky-based UPS Airlines additionally confirmed that in the future it will also upgrade the flight decks of three passenger 767-300s it has purchased this year, following their conversion by Boeing Global Services to 767 Boeing Converted Freighters. The two companies announced the freighter-conversion deal at the Paris Air Show on Jun. 19.

The cargo carrier has a long history of upgrading older aircraft in its fleet to improve their cost-effectiveness, operational reliability and environmental friendliness. In 1992 UPS Airlines contracted Dee Howard Aircraft Maintenance Company in San Antonio to replace the Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines in 40 UPS Boeing 727-100 freighters with Rolls-Royce Tay 651 engines, UPS also optioning 40 more of the conversions.

Austin, Texas-based L2 Consulting Services has been contracted to provide engineering design and provide project management for the UPS Airlines 757 and 767 flight-deck display upgrade program.

The 757 and 767 Large Display System upgrade will replace the aging cathode ray tube (CRT) displays and numerous analog instruments in the 757 and 767 flight decks with three Boeing 787-standard, multi-redundant, large-format displays.

According to L2, the upgrade will reduce maintenance costs by offering increased reliability, as well as providing a proactive solution for managing CRT obsolescence.

“The installation of the Rockwell Collins display suite not only enhances situational awareness for the flight crew, but is also 80lb lighter than the existing CRTs, thus offering substantial fuel savings over time,” says Kevin Paul, manager, program management for L2 Consulting Services.

Overall, the Large Display System retrofit contains more than 1,800 new wiring segments and 75 newly designed L2 hardware components, including a redesigned forward instrument panel compliant with the Boeing flight deck philosophy.

It also contains numerous additively manufactured (‘3D-printed’) parts to support the adaptation of legacy cooling systems of the 757 and 767 with the new flight system displays.

“The L2 team has provided fantastic support with all aspects of this upgrade program and we look forward to the successful completion of the first aircraft installation in a couple of months,” L2’s announcement of the contract quotes a lead project engineer for the 757/767 upgrade as saying.

L2 expects FAA Supplemental Type Certification for the upgrade program to be awarded in the second quarter of 2018 and installation of the Rockwell Collins Large Display Systems in the 134 aircraft to be completed by the end of 2020.

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