US Aviation Tax Hikes Are A "Cash Grab", Says A4A

The 2015 White House budget proposal, which will tax airlines and their customers an extra $4.2bn, is an "unprecedented cash grab that will hurt jobs, service to small communities and the economy", Airlines for America (A4A) says. Customers currently pay $61 in federal taxes on a typical $300 round-trip domestic ticket. Following the proposed measures, this would increase 26 per cent to $77. A4A noted that aviation tax has more than tripled since 1998 to over $19bn annually. It urged Congress to refuse the proposal and recognise that commercial aviation leads to job growth and economic activity. "Enough is enough; the White House needs to understand it can no longer use airlines and their passengers as its own personal ATM without consequences," said A4A president and CEO Nicholas Calio. "It's like playing a game of whack a mole on Groundhog Day because the same ill-conceived proposals keep popping up no matter how many times Congress and airline passengers and shippers knock them down."

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