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Zodiac Working Through A320 Space-Flex Galley 'Defects'

Aircraft needing work include 21 JetBlue A321w.

Zodiac says it has solved "quality defects" that plague early versions of its Space-Flex V2 galley option, and is working to repair aircraft with in-service issues.

The problems, revealed by customer JetBlue on a recent earnings call, came to light last year, Zodiac CEO Yann Delabrière told analysts on the cabin-system specialist's October 30 earnings call. 

"There are defects, quality defects, on what was delivered to JetBlue in [the third quarter of] 2016," Delabrière explains. "We have, I would say, stabilized the quality of the" product, he continues. "The current Space-Flex V2 that we supply to Airbus are very well in the quality standard. So it's not a question of current production [or] recent production."

Zodiac did not say how many aircraft may be affected.

JetBlue says it has 21 A321s with the Space-Flex V2 option, which incorporates two lavatories—including one tailored for persons with reduced mobility—and a larger galley area without taking away space for passenger seats. It is repairing all of them, and has completed about one-third, says CFO Stephen Priest.

"W saw a few issues…and so we've been working with Airbus and Zodiac to address those issues and bring them back into the shop to make sure we get them fixed," Priest explains.

Airbus offers SpaceFlex V2 in its A320-family catalog, and the configuration also is available as a retrofit. JetBlue plans to install the improved version on in-service A320s.

"We are very confident in the program. The early signs are promising from the A321 fixes," Priest says. "We remain committed to this initiative and have set another decision point [in November] to evaluate the repairs and determine the start date for the A320 restyling program."

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