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Airbus Names Gogo As A Lead Supplier For Connectivity

Airbus selects Gogo as a lead supplier for its High Bandwidth Connectivity program.

Airbus has named Gogo as a lead supplier for its High Bandwidth Connectivity (HBC) program, Gogo said, paving the way for the inflight connectivity provider’s 2Ku satellite technology, which allows passengers to access streaming-video speeds on board, to be line-fit to Airbus A320 family, A330 and A380 aircraft.

Anand Chari, executive vice president and CTO at Gogo said, “The selection is acknowledgement of the traction we’ve made with 2Ku in the marketplace. It’s also validation of the long-term viability of this technology and its ability to serve commercial aviation for the foreseeable future.”

Gogo added, “2Ku enables a wide range of customizable experiences for Gogo’s airline partners. For passengers, it means in-flight Wi-Fi and wireless entertainment; for airlines, it means connecting flight attendants, pilots, crew, and the aircraft itself."

Gogo has more than 1,500 aircraft commitments to 2Ku from 12 commercial airlines, with most of those set to be flying with the technology by the end of 2018.

Gogo’s Chief Commercial Officer told the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, Germany on Monday, “We are now in an age where bandwidth is no longer an issue. Airline passengers can now do whatever they want."

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