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For A Clean Lavatory, An Ultra-Violet Light Solution

Boeing unveiled an innovative concept in lavatory cleanliness—germ-killing ultraviolet (UV) light that would automatically activate to shine on all surfaces immediately following each passenger’s use. In development, the project, which Boeing launched in 2016 and refers to as “The Boeing Clean Cabin Fresh Lavatory,” will introduce the technology in phases, according to Jeff Roberts, director of payloads and integration, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Product Development.

“Phase One, which includes touch-free features, will first be offered on a future airplane,” Roberts says. “It will be the precursor to the Fresh Lavatory Phase 2 offering, which will feature Boeing’s unique Far-UV sanitation system.” He adds that efforts are underway to ensure a solution for both line maintenance and retrofitting. “The goal is to give our customers a lavatory that not only looks clean but actually is clean, by applying advanced UV light technology that actively sanitizes the lavatory after every use.”

Roberts points out that the Boeing Clean Cabin Fresh Lavatory also incorporates architectural features and material designs that can eliminate dirt accumulation, improving the overall cleanliness without increasing crew workload. 

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