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Increasing EFB Data Connectivity

Jeppesen and Teledyne Controls link up looks for greater data connectivity.

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen has teamed with Teledyne Controls to integrate Jeppesen's FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) with Teledyne’s GroundLink Comm+ system with Aircraft Interface Device (AID) functionality, which is named GroundLink AID+.

This will deliver greater data connectivity for carriers which equip their pilots with FliteDeck Pro EFBs, according to the two companies.

Jeppesen and Teledyne Controls say the GroundLink AID+ technology will allow airlines to view GPS-based, own-ship positioning on navigational charts in real time on their FliteDeck Pro EFBs, increasing situational awareness in flight.

Specifically, the companies say their alliance will allow airport charts, departure charts, enroute and weather maps and arrival charts in FliteDeck Pro to be integrated quickly and easily with data from the aircraft’s existing onboard data systems, to help pilots make more-informed decisions, increasing operational efficiency and improving safety margins.

“Advances gained through use of Teledyne’s GroundLink AID+ technology will continue the wave of new capabilities delivered through FliteDeck Pro to help operators access and process critical flight data,” says Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM client management.

Technical integration of the FliteDeck Pro EFB with the GroundLink AID+ system has been easy and cost-effective, according to Murray Skelton, director of business development for Teledyne Controls.

“With approximately 10,000 GroundLink units already flying, it is an easy transition for those with the technology already installed,” says Skelton. “It not only protects their legacy investment but it also enables them to make even more of it. It means that every future customer with the GroundLink Comm+ system installed can gain instant benefit.”

Jeppesen and Teledyne Controls note that connectivity gives pilots access to their EFBs at all times.

This means that, before a flight, pilots can update their EFB databases and review maintenance logs, Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs), flight release and notices to airmen (NOTAMs).

During the ramp/taxi out portion of the flight, they can calculate take-off performance and complete their checklists. Following take-off, they can log flight progress and review enroute, arrivals and approach charts. After the flight, they can file the pilot log and send performance calculations off-board.

Jeppesen is part of the Digital Aviation business unit within Boeing Commercial Aviation Services.

Headquartered in Southern California and a wholly owned subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Teledyne Controls LLC develops and manufactures a wide range of data-management equipment designed to help aircraft operators collect, manage and distribute aircraft data more efficiently.

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