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Interior products for commercial aircraft facilitate composite material repairs, upgrade technology and reduce MRO costs.

1. Interior Panel Repairs 

Company: Midwest Aero Support

Specifications: Midwest Aero Support, Inc. (MAS) is based in Machesney Park, Illinois, and is an FAA/EASA-certified repair station for Class I, II, III accessories. It has a specialized service rating for composite repairs and limited airframe rating for interior maintenance including passenger/crew seats, seat components and interior panel laminate replacement. MAS’s heat vacuum applicator is capable of applying laminate sidewall panels on aircraft, including the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350.


2. Advertising 

Company: Ms. Carita

Specifications: Ms. Carita is a manufacturer of custom placards, ground-support equipment decals, paint masks and labels. Michael Mosby, president and CEO, says, “Several trends we see continuing are the utilization of tray tables and overhead bins for both marketing and the travel experience.” To keep up with existing and expected demand, Ms. Carita has added Epson Digital SurePress for added production capabilities and is in the process of developing web and app platforms for customers to place orders and monitor the status of projects in real time.


3. Inflight Entertainment 

Company: Panasonic

Specifications: Panasonic Avionics develops inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) and cabin management systems for commercial aircraft. Currently, Panasonic is seeing an increased demand for companion apps, allowing passengers to receive IFEC on their personal devices. The team is also addressing the need for increased inflight optimization connectivity for real-time content and aircraft data within 1 min. Both systems use Panasonic’s “Zero Touch” technology.


4. IntelliCabin 

Company: BAE Systems

Specifications: BAE Systems introduced the IntelliCabin product line in 2013 and is currently working on a trial with Virgin Australia of IntelliCabin In-Seat. Overall, the product line focuses on cabin power products, technologies and partnerships to provide in-seat outlets and USB power for all passengers and control panels to configure lighting, seat power, inflight entertainment and windows. The system costs up to 20% less than traditional systems and overcomes the power-starvation issues with of systems.


5. Tools To Fix 

Company: Bojo Tools


Specifications: Bojo Tools offers composite materials, anti-damage sealant application and hand tools. It is working with MROs and major airlines by providing sealant removal operations that reduce costs and consequential damage during removal of composite floor panels. British Airways has used the tools for its Airbus fleet in Glasgow, and Ryanair has used them on bonded panels in wet areas for its Boeing aircraft. Bojo Tools also offers seat rail-track cleaners that can save money during seat replacement.


6. Tracking Passengers 

Company: FliteTrak

Specifications: FliteTrak, based in the UK, announced the ViatorAero system, a technology that monitors which passengers have seatbelts open and includes movement sensors to allow monitoring of passengers who need assistance, tracking of passenger movement and logging of broken equipment such as trays, seatbelts and screens. The data, which is not connected to individual passenger names, can be controlled through software to show only useful information and is used with iBlox, a FliteTrak Internet of Things program. No formal training or prior use of the system by the flight attendants is required.


7. Paints and Coatings 

Company: Mankiewicz


Specifications: Mankiewicz offers interior, structural parts and exterior coatings for aviation and other industries. The coatings can substitute for heavy or expensive materials, such as gold or silver, to provide a more comfortable experience on the aircraft. The interior paints comply with international fire protection regulations and come in water-diluted or solvent-based versions. Recently, Mankiewicz has introduced Boeing- and Airbus-approved paints that prevent reflection of harsh and dedicated LED light.


8. Vast Lighting Options 

Company: Oshino Lamps America


Specifications: Oshino Lamps America engineers and manufactures lighting products for aerospace and other industries. Current customers include OEMs such as Boeing, Embraer and Airbus, as well as panel/keyboard/switch OEMs and aftermarket distributors. Oshino offers miniature, sub-miniature, sealed beam, halogen, neon, fluorescent and LED lighting options for aircraft and can help determine the correct lamp for specific applications.


9. Plastic Extrusion 

Company: Pexco Aerospace

Specifications: Pexco Aerospace manufactures and supplies aerospace plastic components to OEMs and distributors using advanced extrusion injection molding and other methods and materials. Switching from thermoforming to the extrusion method can produce cost savings of up to 70%. Interior components offered include trim and finish for aircraft panels, lighting lenses, diffusers, heat sinks and housings, and flooring seat track covers, thresholds and kick strips.


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