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Magnetic MRO Adds In-House VR Interiors Capability

VR headset will be used to view aircraft interiors.

Magnetic MRO has installed a virtual reality system in the interiors workshop at its Tallinn, Estonia facility for the 3D visioning of aircraft interiors.

The company will use the HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset supported by specialist software which will enable customers to view how a whole aircraft’s interior would look once changes to colour, image, material or texture are implemented.

The VR system will allow users to try out different configurations and looks, while simulating the inside of the aircraft and enabling the checking of modifications to better understand changes to the interior.

Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO, said: “Through this recent development, both our customers and our interior workshop department will get to see the bigger picture before rushing on a decision and changing the seat colours and/or carpet texture based on just an idea.”

Mäeots added: “It doesn’t only provide a highly cost-effective solution for our customers, but also plays a key role for a significantly time-efficient answer for everyone.”

The implementation of the VR system is the latest 3D technology the aftermarket repair specialist has added to its capabilities. Previously, it had added 3D printing of aircraft components and 3D dent and buckle for structural damage reporting.

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