Mr. Lav Links Iliff Aircraft Repair

1. Customized Lavatories 
Company: ABC International

Specifications: ABC International is an engineering solution provider and helps with aircraft lavatory installation and removals, as well as other interior modifications. Often, ABC International replaces lavatories with newer, smaller and lighter-weight versions, or removes them completely to accommodate more passengers. It has completed lav modifications on Boeing 737s and 767s and Airbus A321s. Often, lavatories, even if manufactured by the same OEM, will have different wiring diagrams and configurations, which require a Part 21J engineering company such as ABC International to handle the upgrade. The company also specializes in designing and manufacturing panels and logos with the airline’s brand, or customizing lavatories to the customer’s needs.

2. Water and Waste 
Company: Iliff Aircraft Repair

Specifications: Iliff Aircraft Repair is an FAA 145- and EASA 145-certified independent repair station specializing in ATA Chapter 38 water and waste and Chapter 25 equipment and furnishings. Iliff can replace toilets, drain valves, faucets, flush valves, waste tanks, potable water tanks, galleys and tables. Recently, Iliff has started to supply more components for Boeing 787s, as well as work with parts manufacturer approval (PMA) companies to support legacy fleets’ older components. Its airline partners include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Qantas, Icelandair and 12 others. Iliff has received the “Top Shop” for best lavatory and sanitation components for two consecutive years by, an online MRO database.

3. Touchless Features and Sensors
Company: Jamco

Specifications: Jamco, which completes aircraft interiors, seats, components and maintenance projects, supplies about 50% of the widebody aircraft market for lavatory technologies and solutions. Jamco is the sole supplier of Boeing 787 lavatories and also the only supplier for the 747, 767 and the 777. The technologies offered include touchless faucets, counters, mirrors, lights, bidet systems and sensors.

4. Finishes of All Kinds
Company: Lonseal

Specifications: Lonseal supplies products and services for aircraft flooring, including the Axis, Cirrus, Halo and Mirage collections. Styles include woven, wood and scaled coin-stampings to fit the branding and needs of the customer. Lonseal tests all of the aircraft flooring surfaces to make sure they are chemical- and slip-resistant (Federal Aviation Regulation 25.793 certified). Aviation customers include American Airlines, Boeing, Comac, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa Technik and more than 20 others.

5. Boeing 737 Advanced Lavatory
Company: Rockwell Collins

Specifications: In April, Rockwell Collins finalized the acquisition of B/E Aerospace, which expanded Rockwell’s portfolio to cabin interior products, including modular galley and lavatory systems. This includes the Boeing 737 Advanced Lavatory, a lavatory system with Rockwell Collins’s vacuum toilet, SafeLav CDS oxygen delivery system and LED lighting. The system does not require any modification to the aircraft’s interior, and Rockwell Collins partnered with Boeing to create the clean-sheet design.


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