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SR Technics Adds Interior Consulting For VIP Aircraft

The interior consulting will include project proposals, negotiating contracts and supervising aircraft onsite.

SR Technics, a global MRO service provider, announced it will add consulting to its "VIP" interior outfitting and refurbishment services on May 22. It will cover widebody and narrowbody VIP aircraft and is not limited to any aircraft type. SR Technics has previously been contracted for work on traditional business jets from OEMs, supported cabin upgrades and performed conversions such as to the Boeing 787.

The added services will include drafting technical specifications, project proposals, cost analysis, negotiating contracts, reviewing interior design and engineering packages and supervising aircraft projects onsite. The offerings come in addition to SR Technics's customized modifications and refurbishments for cabinets, seats and installations.

The cost for the services will depend on the specified requirements, type and size of the project and the duration of the program.

You can find additional interiors products and services at MRO Links,'s searchable directory.




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