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BOSA Doubles Component Repair Footprint

The company has opened a facility expansion in Manchester along with a new component repair facility in Germany to meet demand for newer-generation aircraft.

BOSA is increasing its component repair business with a facility expansion at its Manchester, UK headquarters and a new subsidiary based at Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany. The expansion doubles the company’s footprint in Manchester while the newly-launched German subsidiary will fill a gap in the component market at one of Europe’s biggest freighter hubs for DHL, according to BOSA.

Richard Weir, BOSA’s commercial director, says the growth within component repair came about due to increased customer requirements. “We worked very closely with some of our core customers to develop a capability for fast-moving items on their shelves, which either means regular breakages or breakdowns, or regular maintenance programs, so the business developed quite quickly off the back of those relationships,” says Weir. “As a result of that, we needed to grow our facility and our stock, which were the drivers behind it.”

In Manchester, BOSA doubled its floor space—which grew by 5,000 sq. ft.—and its employee headcount has increased from around 12 to 35 employees. The expansion has provided more room for offices, storage of components, part repair and a new maintenance control department, which BOSA is currently developing to support AOG and emergency services. Weir says BOSA has an ongoing recruitment program to cover all areas of the business as it takes on more work.

According to a spokesperson for BOSA, the company has previously focused heavily on repairing legacy components, covering more than 2,300 lines such as portable oxygen cylinders, ovens and toilets. With its expanded capability, BOSA will now cover components for newer generation aircraft. “We’re starting to see more and more questions about part numbers that are off newer aircraft as they fall out of warranty periods,” says Weir. “Unless they go back to the OEM, a lot of our customers who run newer aircraft are looking at us to expand capability on newer [components].”

Additionally, Weir says BOSA is working to develop more capability for components such as lighting and galley equipment, toilet systems and waste tanks. At the company’s new airside facility at Leipzig/Halle, BOSA will initially provide component repair services for oxygen refill and filter cleaning. “We’re starting the capability with the things that are our bread and butter,” says Weir, adding that new capability developments will be announced in the near future.

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