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FACC To Produce Rudders For Bombardier C Series

The Austrian component supplier says the contract will be particularly significant for its business thanks to Airbus’ involvement in the C Series project.

Following the orders it was awarded for wing-to-body fairings for the Bombardier C Series earlier this year, FACC has increased its involvement with the aircraft by securing an order to fabricate rudders for the C Series in partnership with Italian aerospace company Leonardo. 

The rudders will be mainly made from composite materials with 10% metal parts and will be assembled using approximately 3,000 fasteners. FACC says it will use lean principles during production of the rudders to maximize productivity and efficiency, with the first rudders scheduled to be delivered in May 2018. Once the rudders are completed, FACC will ship them to Leonardo’s facilities in Foggia, Italy, where they will be integrated into the C Series’ vertical tail. 


Initially intended for a term of 5 years, the contract extends FACC’s cooperation with Leonardo. The two companies have previously worked together on other projects, including the interior equipment of the Russian regional jet SSJ100.

FACC predicts that revenue from the project may increase significantly following Airbus’ entry into the C Series project. “Through the latest order FACC is able to successfully increase its presence and the order volume for the Bombardier C Series,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO, FACC. “After Airbus has recently acquired an interest in the C Series, this order has substantially gained in relevance, since the aircraft has thus become more important in the market and sales are expected to rise.”

In addition to the C Series rudders and wing-to-body fairings, FACC has previously produced interior components such as cabin linings, cabinets and baggage compartments for Bombardier aircraft.

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