Gijs Van Roojen 3

Gijs van Rooijen - product sales director components, AFI KLM E&M

For the past two years I have been travelling all over the world to meet our prospects and customers to understand the market demand for 787 component services, to define our product and pricing offers.

For me this meant listening carefully to and understanding the key technical priorities of our potential customers’ operations in order to offer them - as we like to say at AFI KLM E&M - “adaptive” maintenance solutions. These can be unique and totally designed to meet their specific requirements.

Last year I was very busy with contracting our 787 launch customer, which became operational in November 2012. Currently we are finalising a contract with a second customer which will start its 787 operations in September 2013.

As we are backed by an airline group which has decided to include the Dreamliner in its fleet, our specialist staff are already geared up to deploy targeted maintenance solutions for this new aircraft type.

This means that within AFI KLM E&M I am not only working closely together with our component division to monitor the realisation of our promises to our customers - such as local proximity, in-house repair development and engineering - but also with multi discipline teams to support customers on the full scope of maintenance services that AFI KLM E&M, as an operator of the 787 aircraft, can offer.

Currently we are discussing with several airlines from all over the globe our 787 maintenance services. Though we are supported by a vast operational network, we also like to expand our global presence close to our customers in order to reduce their TATs and we recently opened a component pool in Kuala Lumpur.

I must say that I am very proud to be able to offer our customers such extensive maintenance expertise which is further strengthened by the strategic partnerships forged by AFI KLM E&M with leading 787 equipment manufacturers.

I look forward to meeting you in Amman for Airline E&M: Middle East to personally update you further on our products and services.

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