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Liebherr-Aerospace Expands 777 and 777X Supply Portfolio

The OEM will supply the aircraft programs with main gear steering equipment.

Liebherr-Aerospace is expanding its supply portfolio for the Boeing 777 and 777X programs. Boeing has just awarded the company a contract to supply main gear steering equipment.

Liebherr will design and manufacture main gear steering control units and nose gear steering position transducers for the aircraft. The main gear steering control unit, which receives signals from the two nose gear steering position transducers, controls an aircraft’s two power control actuators. Liebherr says it assists normal taxi maneuvers whenever the nose gear is steered greater than 13 deg. and locks the aft axles in the centered position. The 777 and 777X employ a steered aft axle on each of the main gears to minimize turning radius and reduce tire scrub.

According to Liebherr, its Lindenberg, Germany-based center of excellence for flight control and landing gear systems will be in charge of developing and qualifying the components. The company will also support design and development from its liaison office in Seattle, which it says will help ensure a close interaction with Boeing.

This newest supply contract joins a slew of other contracts Liebherr has won from Boeing in the last three years covering the 777X. Under these contracts, Liebherr is supplying the folding wing tip system, the trailing edge actuation system, and the power drive unit and hydraulic motor for the leading edge actuation system for the aircraft.

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