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Liebherr-Aerospace Expands Capabilities in China

The company is ramping up MRO and production of components for Chinese aircraft such as the Comac ARJ21 and C919.

Liebherr-Aerospace is strengthening its presence in China with new and ramped up capability for Chinese aircraft added to its Shanghai location, its joint venture Liebherr LAMC Aviation and its cooperation with Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems (NEIAS).

The Shanghai liaison and customer service center—which offers a variety of MRO services related to air conditioning, pneumatic systems, flight control and hydraulic components—has now added new capability for repair of pneumatic components on Comac ARJ21 aircraft such as bleed valves and air cycle machines. According to a spokesperson for Liebherr-Aerospace, this process is currently taking place and will last for several months, with major components being completed in 2019.

To additionally support operation of the ARJ21 and other Comac aircraft, the location has expanded technical support, engineering and flight test support teams for the ARJ21 as well as support for the C919 flight test program. A spokesperson says 10 new staff members have been hired in total.

Meanwhile, Liebherr LAMC Aviation recently delivered its first C919 landing gear system to be assembled in China to Comac. The Changsha-based JV will assemble the next C919 nose and main landing gears and is gradually taking over the direct procurement of parts delivered by approved suppliers. The company says it will gradually increase the number of its Chinese suppliers to remain internationally competitive. Liebherr LAMC Aviation assembles the landing gear for the ARJ21 program and it is currently looking into opportunities to expand activity to further aircraft programs inside and outside China, such as the CRAIC CR 929.

To further its work on the C919, Liebherr has been cooperating with NEIAS since 2010 with the goal of designing and producing C919 air management system components. Liebherr, which was awarded the complete air management system contract by Comac, has handed off part of the workshare to NEIAS. The components NEIAS is responsible for will be produced at its facilities in Nanjing while the rest of the air management system components will be produced at Liebherr’s facilities in Toulouse, France and across its worldwide air management system supply chain.

A spokesperson for Liebherr says the cooperation has been highly successful and is “intensifying quickly with the progress of the C919 aircraft development.” She adds that it “provides a solid basis for an intensification and an enlargement of NEIAS’ workshare for future programs, and especially the CR 929.”

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