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Liebherr-Aerospace Getting into USM

Expect the company to start offering used material in the next quarter.

Liebherr-Aerospace is getting into the competitive used serviceable materials (USM) business by sourcing its own equipment from aircraft that will be dismantled. Its objective is to offer customers with mature fleets cost-effective parts to meet their operational and maintenance objectives.

Expect Liebherr-Aerospace to start offering USM across its network in the next quarter—with Airbus line replaceable units as the initial focus.

The company says it will centrally manage the stock from its service center in Dubai but, “We will carry a unique worldwide stock and will make it available to all of our service centers.”

While Liebherr-Aerospace would prefer to offer used material with a “repaired by Liebherr” maintenance tag attached, “we may sell ‘as is’ what we have decided not to repair,” says a company spokesperson.

Liebherr plans to source USM from companies that have what it is looking for and “gives us a good price,” says the spokesperson, as opposed to setting up a network of approved dismantlers.

The company would not disclose how big of a market it sees for USM or the revenue it hopes to win based on getting into USM.

However, by getting into USM, it is acknowledging an industry pain point: increasing material costs and demand for more options across the lifecycle.

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