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Blockchain Prototype Project Could Cut 10 Days Off An Engine Overhaul

Block.Aero is working with a consortium of companies to cut engine overhaul time with blockchain.

SINGAPORE—A group of companies that collaborate on an engine type are working on a blockchain prototype to decrease the engine’s overhaul time.

The group includes an airline, an MRO, an engineering organization, a financial holding company, the regulator and Block.Aero.

The project is using artificial intelligence to help digitize engine data and put it in blockchain to focus on tracking the engine from the time it comes off wing through the overhaul process and then back to serviceable condition, says Todd Siena, Block.Aero founder and CEO, speaking on the sidelines of Aviation Week's MRO Asia-Pacific.

The typical process takes 60-90 days to carry out the work with numerous people signing off work at different steps. Siena says that they hope having this data mapped out and shared through blockchain could save 10 or more days.

“The initial results of this project are promising,” says Siena, who says further details should be available in February.

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