Consilio3D Technologies "dent and buckle" 3D inspection service Consilio3D Technologies

Consilio3D Launching New 3D Inspection Service

The service promises to provide quicker, more repeatable measurements than traditional methods.

Consilio3D Technologies will be launching a new 3D measurement scanning damage inspection service for aircraft on September 1. The service, called “dent and buckle,” will be offered to airlines and lessors during the aircraft and delivery process.

According to Consilio3D, dent and buckle will significantly reduce the time taken to measure and map damage on an aircraft. A spokesperson for the company says the measurement scanning process for the service is up to 50% quicker than traditional visual inspection and depth gauge hand tool measurement methods.

Using a handheld 3D scanner, Consilio3D employees will carry out inspections for customers to measure aircraft damage. A spokesperson for the company says this will provide consistent, repeatable results that eliminate the need to interpret manual measurements. The 3D scanning method can also prevent the late finding of a dent due to lighting or human error. According to Consilio3D, time savings provided through the service will be supported with a digital report of key metrics found from 3D scanning, which can be shared with colleagues or aircraft OEMs for quick decision-making.

Consilio3D says the dent and buckle service and its related software can also be used to measure corrosion blends, which will allow for quick and accurate depth measurement of the blend and profile. Although the service does not use Consilio3D’s AccuRacy augmented reality inspection product, a spokesperson says the company’s experience with it may also allow it to integrate aircraft OEM structural repair manual data if it is made available.

The company’s development plan for dent and buckle includes developing software for seamless integration of scanning results with a client’s digital aircraft records. According to a spokesperson, Consilio3D is looking to work with partners on development to ensure that the software will work with the majority of software systems used by airlines and MROs. 

Consilio3D is not releasing pricing information at this time, but the company says the estimated time savings will be at least 50% over traditional measurement methods, which should cover the costs of the service.

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