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EasyJet Using 3D Inspection Tech For Dent Mapping

The airline will adopt 8tree’s dentCHECK technology to improve inspection efficiency.

easyJet has adopted 8tree’s dentCHECK 3D inspection technology to reduce disruptions and improve the efficiency of the airline’s dent-mapping operations. dentCHECK’s inspection system will be used to assess up to 80% of the damage occurring in easyJet’s fleet, and the airline predicts it could potentially reduce assessment times by a high percentage as well.

“We were impressed with the speed and relative simplicity of 8tree’s dentCHECK system compared with other available systems and worked closely with 8tree to assist with development of the system to better suit our requirements,” says Gary Smith, head of engineering at easyJet. The airline evaluated dentCHECK over two days at its Luton maintenance facility last November, where the system was used to assess a rework of a passenger window frame after a lightning strike.

Smith says the system and its associated technical support are being integrated into the airline’s maintenance operation for both routine and AOG events. dentCHECK already has been used in several AOG situations for the airline with engineers giving positive feedback about the system’s efficiency in damage assessment and report generation.

The handheld, portable and wireless 3D dentCHECK scanner analyzes surface deformation problems—whether they are dents, bumps or general surface waviness—and delivers a color-coded analysis in seconds. Dent reports can be wirelessly transferred to an MRO operator’s secure servers using dentCHECK’s Wi-Fi and USB capability. The system is the first of its kind to be formally approved by Airbus, and 8tree expects other OEMs to follow suit in the near future.

dentCHECK already has delivered positive results for TAP Maintenance & Engineering, which adopted the system for its Brazil MRO operations in 2015. The company says dentCHECK slashed its dent mapping and reporting times by a staggering 90%.

8tree’s sales partner G2Metric UK will be showcasing dentCHECK in action at MRO Europe 2017 in London this Oct. 3-5.


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