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Honeywell Refines Service Strategy With Forge

The company is actively marketing its Forge software offering to Asia-Pacific customers.

Honeywell is aiming to transform from an aerospace manufacturer into a service provider, offering its data analytics capabilities to the aviation industry and beyond. The U.S. manufacturer is now actively marketing the Forge for Airline suite of software in the Asia-Pacific since its launch in June 2019.

“Forge is a rebranding of our previous GoDirect portfolio and has incorporated lessons learned over the last few years,” says Paul Nef, Honeywell's Asia-Pacific regional director. Over the last 3-4 years, he says Honeywell has recruited a team of data engineers from across all industries, such as the automotive industry, which has expertise in moving parts.

To commit to the service and software sector, the Phoenix-based company established Honeywell Connected Enterprise in 2018 to develop and market the Forge portfolio.

Forge is also offered to the industrial, building, cybersecurity and labor sectors, and previous GoDirect products are still available to customers. Also in development is GoDirect Trade, a separate platform for the trading of aviation components and parts, which Nef describes as similar to eBay, Amazon and Alibaba where traders can buy and sell parts powered by blockchain, ensuring safe and transparent documentation of the component’s history.

Honeywell revealed Kuwait Airlines and Nippon Cargo Airlines are users of Forge Flight Efficiency software, which is expected to reduce fuel costs by 3%. Nippon Cargo Airlines will use the software on its fleet of eight Boeing 747-8Fs and the Middle Eastern carrier will use it on its fleet of 25 Airbus and Boeing airliners.

The other 32 users of Forge Flight Efficiency include Lufthansa, Etihad, Finnair, Japan Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

Nef adds that a Singapore "flagship carrier" is in the process of trialing the Forge product. He says Honeywell is also having varying levels of discussion with at least two dozen carriers in the region.

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